Children Class

Age 6 to 12


Teaching kids to stay focused is one of our specialties.

From the very first class, your child will learn the importance of eye contact, posture, and active listening skills that will benefit them not only in Tae Kwon Do but at home, on the playing field, and of course at school.
Both teachers and parents often notice the dramatic difference in children who study the martial arts.
Tae Kwon Do students have an easier time staying on task, are more disciplined when it comes to homework and able to control the fidgeting and distracting habits that often take other children off track.
The results are incredible.
Your child will listen better at home, handle homework and chores more efficiently, and put more focus and effort into their schoolwork.
Many children also enjoy begin receiving better grades.


Tae Kwon Do will boost your child’s self-esteem and self-confidence to new heights!



Monday / Wednesday 4:00pm

Tuesday / Thursday  6:05pm

Friday 4:15pm

Saturday 10:35am

Classes are 30 minutes long