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Taekwondo  태권도
    Taekwondo originated in Korea more than 2,300 years ago. Translated, it means “the way of the foot and fist,” and as that name suggests, it was originally developed by warriors. But this ancient practice is about more than just physical defense. Children learn symmetrical body exercises for unarmed combat, including kicks, punches, jumping and dodging. More importantly, though, Taekwondo practice develops persistence, self-discipline and kindness. Many participants find an increased feeling of peace and balance.  The right coach will teach Taekwondo as an empowering way of life, encouraging students to apply the social and character skills learned in the classroom to their home and school lives.
3290 NW 185th AVE
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Little Warriors Class
4 to 6yr
Monday – Wednesday 6:05pm
Tuesday – Thursday 5:20pm
Saturday 11:20am
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White to Yellow Beginners Class
6 to14yr
Monday – Wednesday 5:30pm
Tuesday – Thursday 4:45pm or 6:35pm
Black Belt Club Program
Leadership Training
Basic Weapon Training
Life Skill Development
Achievement Program
Hapkido – Joint Locks
Taekwondo Forms
Taekwondo Sparring
Acces to the Elite Team
Acces to The Seminars & Tournaments
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Tanasbourne Center